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Afterparties: Stories by Anthony Veasna So July 25

Womanising, corruption, privilege: an unusual love letter to Hong Kong in Price’s Price by Chris Maden August 31


The Scientist and the Spy: Chinese industrial espionage and the atmosphere of fear in the West February 8

The US-backed mass murder of communists in Indonesia that set the template for Cold War regime change worldwide June 28


Maoism: A Global History – how China exported revolution around the world March 8

Home Remedies: stories of China’s young and listless, and of challenges of being a second-generation immigrant May 16

Myanmar’s beauty and troubles laid bare in A Savage Dreamland by David Eimer May 30

The Great Successor: Kim Jong-un biography follows North Korean leader from awkward teen to elusive dictator June 20

The Trouble with Taiwan – book maps out why the world should care about the self-ruled island October 26


Story of Sea Shepherd’s epic high-seas hunt for poachers revealed in new book February 21

Sin city: book exposes gritty underbelly of 1930s Shanghai March 14

Book review: Poacher: Confessions from the Abalone Underworld October 4


History of Laos’ secret war – and the way it transformed the CIA – reveals a sobering legacy February 1

Return of religion to China since the death of Mao documented in new book The Souls of China April 13

Book review: Ghosts of the Tsunami’s heart-wrenching look at Japan tragedy from survivors’ view leaves a lasting impression August 3

Book review: how Myanmar squandered its promise of peace and prosperity after the end of military rule August 24


Travel back in time with a trip to Romanian rural idyll April 1

Book review: China, US bound by suspicion and hope November 23


Book review: The Sympathizer – spy tale a microcosm of Vietnam war April 4

Book review: Darjeeling by Jeff Koehler – trouble’s brewing for the ‘champagne of tea’ May 6

Book review: Elephant Complex – Travels in Sri Lanka delves into the rich history of the island country November 4 


Combat zone: the fight against malaria in Cambodia February 22

Book review: Mr Selden’s Map of China, by Timothy Brook March 9

The complications and contradictions of China in a time of great change April 20

Up against the wall: Palestinians in the West Bank, which is being sealed off behind a barrier, continue to live their lives in limbo May 24

Book review: Thirty-one Nil – On the Road with Football’s Outsiders: a World Cup Odyssey, by James Montague June 8

In Mae Salong, northern Thailand, tea and coffee plants have replaced the opium poppies that once provided a living August 17

Book review: The Dog: Stories by Jack Livings August 24

Book review: Death Fugue by Sheng Keyi September 14

Book review: This Divided Island, by Samanth Subramanian September 21

Book review: Napoleon the Great by Andrew Roberts November 1

Mirza Waheed’s second Kashmir-set novel evokes sadness for a beautiful land torn apart by war November 15


Cockfighting may be frowned upon elsewhere, but in the Philippines it is a legal national pastime. Kit Gillet gets a bird’s eye view of the action January 13

Book review: The Last Quarter of the Moon, by Chi Zijian February 24

Book review: Napalm, by Robert Neer April 23

Book review: For a Song and a Hundred Songs, by Liao Yiwu June 16

Book review: The Explorer Gene, by Tom Cheshire September 29

A slight catch: Thailand’s overfishing crisis October 13

Book review: Junkyard Planet, by Adam Minter November 10


Shaky foundations June 10

Kitesurfing takes off in Mui Ne, Vietnam September 21

Book review: Huge changes in mainland’s sexual attitudes September 30

Book review: Delving into the ‘filth’ of China’s corruption November 4

Book review: Two Billion Eyes – the Story of China Central Television November 18


White paper on retirement age prompts fresh debate September 22

Rich tourists an easy target for robbers abroad October 13