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National Bank of Romania hikes policy rate to 2.5% February 10

Romania sends aid to Ukraine March 2

Romania introduces new price caps on electricity and gas March 24

Romania’s inflation surges to 10.2% in March April 14

Romania submits bill to help unlock Black Sea gas deposits April 25

National Bank of Romania raises policy rate to 3.75% May 11

Flash estimate suggests Romania’s GDP grew by 6.5% in Q1 May 23

Romania endorses reforms to unlock Black Sea gas deposits May 23

Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania closer to entering Schengen May 27

Romanian government extends energy support until 2023 September 12


Retail trade volumes return to their pre-crisis levels February 12

Romania’s national airline to be restructured again February 23

Economic activity continued to rebound in the fourth quarter February 23

New government unveils its 2021 budget February 29

Romania’s economy contracts by 3.9% in 2020 March 12

Rising inflation leads central bank to adjust forecasts March 29

New government slowly restoring judicial independence April 16

Appointment of new health minister ends political crisis April 30

Government presents its plan for tapping EU recovery funds June 11

Romania’s vaccination rollout stalls July 6

Government stability threatened by intra-coalition dispute September 3

Citu wins PNL chairmanship, but faces new confidence vote September 29

European Commission approves Romania’s recovery plan October 1

Nicolae Ciuca set to be Romania’s next prime minister October 26

Romanian prime minister-delegate fails to form government November 3

Nicolae Ciuca to lead new Romanian government November 24


Tax amnesties will have limited impact of budget shortfall May 13

GDP grows moderately in Q1 May 18

Central bank cuts rates June 3

Opposition pushes through more social spending June 9

Government unveils ambitious five-year investment plan July 3

Budget deficit surpasses 4% of GDP in the first half of 2020 July 31

Opposition pushes through 40% pension rise September 28

Budget deficit reaches 6.4% of GDP in September November 2

Economic output rebounds by 5.6% in the third quarter November 17

Romania swears in a new cabinet December 24


New corporate taxes introduced January 11

Central bank to repatriate gold reserves May 3

General government deficit to exceed target September 18

External debt rises to €107.6bn September 25

Offshore energy bill will be amended October 8

Political outlook 2020: A step towards normalisation November 18

Klaus Iohannis wins second term as president November 27

Government deficit at 4.4% of GDP in 2019 December 6


One step closer to a sovereign wealth fund June 22

Protests in Romania: are they still effective? August 16

Offshore bill springs surprises August 29

The budget deficit widens in the first half of 2018 August 29

Electronic cash registers become mandatory September 11

New cases of African swine fever emerge October 29

Government budget deficit continues to widen October 30



Moldova faces energy crisis January 25

Inflation in Moldova will remain elevated in 2022 February 8

Central Bank of Moldova increases interest rates March 1

Moldova’s security deteriorates as war in Ukraine unfolds March 2

Moldova asks to join the EU following Ukraine’s bid March 16

Moldova to receive further assistance amid refugee crisis April 6

High food and energy prices drive inflation in Moldova April 8

Tensions in Transdniestr raise fears for Moldova May 5

Moldovan inflation surges in March May 5

EU increases military aid to Moldova May 11

Inflation in Moldova accelerates to 27% in April May 26

Moldovan ex-president is placed under house arrest June 9

Moldova bans Russian news broadcasts June 22

EBRD lends Moldova €300m to boost energy security July 18

Moldova lifts wheat export ban July 20

Inflation in Moldova hits new record high in June July 26

Moldova’s energy crisis deepens August 18

Moldova boosts gas storage in Romania September 2


Covid-19 cases spike again in Moldova February 25

Parliament rejects second prime minister candidate March 30

Parliament declares a state of emergency April 12

President dissolves parliament for early election April 30

EU approves €600m recovery package for Moldova June 4

Election result points to a new era in Moldova July 23

Moldovan parliament approves new cabinet August 10

Moldova strikes deal with Gazprom November 3

Moldova’s parliament approves 2022 budget December 2

Moldova pays back debt to Gazprom after another row December 2


Chisinau airport saga highlights political risk February 27

Coronavirus hits Moldova March 16

Pro-EU candidate wins clear victory in presidential election November 17

Moldova’s president-elect calls for Russian troop withdrawal December 7

Parliament overturns laws tied to previous IMF funding December 22

Prime minister and cabinet resign December 24


Constitutional Court validates election results March 19

President signals that he may dissolve parliament May 24

Political chaos engulfs Moldova June 12

New government plans judicial overhaul July 10

New government amends voting system August 8

Government faces battle over airport deal September 9

Presidents Dodon and Putin meet to talk gas September 16

European Commission issues positive reform assessment September 25

Economy performs strongly in second quarter October 7

Government plans overhaul of rail network October 24

Vote of no confidence unseats the government November 14

Parliament approves new government November 21

Parliament passes budget for 2020 December 30


Russian military presence remains source of tension June 27

Invalidated election prompts unrest July 9

Fiscal amnesty law passed August 30

Banking sector displays signs of recovery October 26

Moldova sells its national airline December 10