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Romania warns of a backlog at border crossings as thousands flee Ukraine February 26

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Romania’s underfunded health system creaks under the pressure of the pandemic March 3

A Film May Not End the Scandal It Exposed March 31

Three virus patients die at a hospital in Romania after its oxygen supply malfunctions April 13

Liechtenstein Royal Is Accused in Bear Killing in Romania May 7

Amid lagging vaccination rates, Romania looks to offload doses before they expire July 1

Romania reports its highest new daily caseload just as it starts booster shots September 28

A fire kills seven people in a Romanian hospital’s Covid ward October 1

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The Lesson of an Albanian Earthquake: The Balkans Aren’t Ready for the Big One January 1

Romania says it’s banning grain exports to non-E.U. nations April 15

Romania levied $95 million worth of fines for lockdown violations April 23

Fugitive Iranian Judge Dies After Fall From Hotel in Romania June 19

Romania struggles as cases and deaths rise August 21

Romania’s Leader Is Tested by a Close Election December 6

Romania’s Leader Quits After His Party’s Unexpected Election Loss December 7

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Eugeniu Iordachescu, Who Saved Bucharest’s Churches, Dies at 89 January 11

Ex-Corruption Fighter in Romania, Shortlisted for Top E.U. Job, Faces Foes at Home February 10

Leading Prosecutor for E.U. Anticorruption Job Is Barred From Leaving Romania March 29

Romania’s Most Powerful Man Is Sent to Prison for Corruption May 27

Pope Francis, in Romania, Warns of Populism’s Dangers May 31

Pope Francis Seeks to Mend Open Wounds With Orthodox Church in Romania June 1

Pope Francis Apologizes to Roma for Mistreatment and Urges European Unity June 2

Romania’s Police Chief Fired After Officers Took 19 Hours to Respond to Kidnapped Girl’s Calls July 27

Romania’s Government Is Toppled in No-Confidence Vote October 10

Voters in Romania Reject Years of Scandals and Chaos November 24

14,600 Sheep Trapped on a Capsized Ship. ‘We Have Saved 254.’ November 29

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Same-Sex Spouses Should Have E.U. Residency Rights, Court Is Told January 11

Romanian Prime Minister Is Forced Out, the Second in Seven Months January 15

Romania Names 3rd Prime Minister in a Year Amid Struggle Over Corruption January 29

Being Dead, He Learned, Is Hard to Overcome March 30

Same-Sex Marriages Are Backed in E.U. Immigration Ruling June 5

Claiming ‘Parallel State’ Cabal, Romania’s Leaders Target Anti-Corruption Prosecutor June 17

Romanian Court Convicts Top Politician in Test of Judicial System June 21

Bill ‘Damaging to Democracy’ Passes in Romania July 5

Romanian Prosecutor Who Took On Entrenched Corruption Is Fired July 9

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Scrawled on Childhood Home of Elie Wiesel in Romania August 5

Violence Erupts as Tens of Thousands Protest Corruption in Romania August 10

Giuliani Criticizes Crackdown on Corruption in Romania August 29

Romania Conservatives Wanted Voters to Limit Definition of ‘Family.’ They Failed October 7

A Stolen Picasso Buried in the Woods? Not So Fast November 19

A Big Cathedral, a Big Bill, and a Big Debate in Romania December 3

Romania, Fighting the E.U., Prepares to Lead It December 30

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Romania Chooses Left-Leaning Government January 4

Keeping Alive a Haven for Yiddish Culture in Modern Romania January 15

Romania Reverses Decision to Weaken Corruption Law February 4

Romania Protests Simmer Despite Leaders’ Promises to Back Down February 5

Anger and Mistrust Fuel Unabated Protests in Romania February 12

Romania Drops Measure to Pardon Corrupt Officials May 4

Kim Davis, Once Jailed in America, Campaigns Against Gay Marriage in Romania October 12

Romania Gay Marriage Case Could Have Outsize Impact in Europe November 21

Romania Braces for President’s Decision on Bills Seen as Weakening Judiciary December 30

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Opposition Groups in Moldova Unite to Protest New Government January 26

Brutal Romanian Prison Warden, 90, Loses Appeal of 20-Year Sentence February 10

Romania Takes Step Toward Restitution to Holocaust Survivors May 10

Pro-Russia Candidate Appears Likely to Win Bulgarian Presidency November 13

Center-Left Party Poised to Regain Power in Romania December 11

Romania Set for First Female, and First Muslim, Prime Minister December 21

Romania’s President Rejects First Female Candidate for Prime Minister December 27

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Romanian President Calls for Premier to Resign Amid Graft Inquiry June 5

Romanian Prime Minister, Accused of Graft, Is Indicted July 13

Time-Worn Village in Moldova Springs Back to Life, Thanks to Port September 2

‘Aferim!,’ an Oscar Contender, Explores the Enslavement of the Roma September 8

Romanian Prime Minister to Face Corruption Trial September 17

Romania Places the Heart of a Queen in Her Castle November 3

Victor Ponta, Romania’s Premier, Steps Down After Outcry Over Corruption November 4

Outrage Ripples Through Romania After Government’s Collapse November 5

Romania’s President Picks Dacian Ciolos as New Prime Minister November 10

In Bucharest, the Old Town Sees New Life November 11

Romanian Parliament Approves New Government November 17

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Romanian Premier Faces Runoff in Presidential Race November 3

Romania Hunger Strike Prompts Inquiry Into Dissident’s Death November 6

With the Candidates in Accord, Voters in Romania Wonder Whom to Trust November 13

Favorite Concedes Presidency in Romania November 16

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In China, Executives Flock Back to School for Unfinished Business March 26

Cambodia Trains Social Workers to Curb Reliance on Foreign Aid June 18


Year of the Dragon January 24

Where the Faithful Worship Among the Tourists May 11

Though Not Yet Open, a Huge Mine Is Transforming Mongolia’s Landscape September 13

Sichuan’s Tibetan Corner, Outside of Time December 28