Kit Gillet has written, co-written or contributed towards several travel guidebooks focused on Beijing and other lesser-known Chinese regions:


Dujiangyan: In Harmony with Nature

With its 2,200-year-old irrigation system, the mountainous birthplace of Taoism, and the beautiful canals and streets of the city, history and culture seem to line the region’s every avenue and peak. Whether it is the influence of the nearby Taoist monks, or a result of the natural environment, the local population seem to live a relaxed and unhurried lifestyle; spending their evenings walking along the canal sides, or eating and drinking with friends. It’s an infectious mood that makes a visit both rewarding and therapeutic.

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Zhengzhou: Cradle of Civilisation

At a time when the ancient Egyptians were building their early pyramids, the first civilisation in China was thriving on the banks of the Yellow River at Zhengzhou. At the very centre of the Chinese world, emperors built their tombs here and came to worship the region’s magnificent natural surroundings. In the nearby mountains of Songshan, the Buddhist monks of Shaolin meditated and over the centuries perfected their kung fu techniques. Zhengzhou contains all this within a thriving modern region. In short, to understand Zhengzhou is to understand China.





Contributing writer:

Fodor’s China, 2013

China is a trip-of-a-lifetime adventure for travelers in search of cutting-edge art and culture, rugged natural beauty, and cultural diversity. In full-color and with helpful magazine-style illustrated features, Fodor’s China shows off the splendor of country’s historical treasures, vibrant culinary culture, and its colorful ethnic minorities like no other guide.

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Beijing Explorer’s Guide

More than just a travel guide, the Beijing Explorer is your guide to life in ‘the kingdom of the bicycles’. Written by residents, for residents, the sheer volume of insider information has no comparison. From housing and work to exploring the city and beyond; and from sports clubs and shopping to finding the best Mongolian hot pot, we’ve got it all covered. Whether you are about to embark on a new life or have been a resident for years, this is one guidebook that you won’t want to live without.

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Fodor’s 2008 Beijing Olympics Edition

Get to know the best of Beijing and travel from China’s glorious past to its dynamic present in the pages of Fodor’s 2008 Olympics . The special feature on the 2008 Olympic Games takes travelers on an exploration of China’s Olympic history, shows how the Olympics have transformed Beijing, and provides all the critical information travelers need to get ready for the 2008 Games themselves.

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