Kit Gillet is a freelance journalist currently based in Bucharest. His work appears regularly in the international press, for publications including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Foreign Policy and CNN.
Staying Power

Staying Power

In 2014 Romanians will have the right to work throughout the EU. Will everyone leave? The locals insist they want to stay and fix their nation.
Sichuan’s Tibetan Corner, Outside of Time

Sichuan’s Tibetan Corner, Outside of Time

Among the monks and novices of Tagong, a Tibetan community in neighbouring Sichuan province
City of Death and Life

City of Death and Life

For 6,000 people in the Philippine capital of Manila, living among the dead is preferable to running the gauntlet of the city’s crime-ridden slums. Kit Gillet reports
So, What’s It Like To Be Crucified?

So, What’s It Like To Be Crucified?

Enaje is visibly nervous, and with good reason. Tomorrow he will be strapped to a large wooden cross while thousands of people watch as 10-centimetre nails are driven through his palms and feet.
Delta Blues

Delta Blues

Kit Gillet journeys into the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and discovers the stark realities facing the poor farmers and fishermen already feeling the effects of rising sea levels
In China, foot binding slowly slips into history

In China, foot binding slowly slips into history

In the village of Liuyi, China, there are only about 30 women left who followed a once-common tradition that was painful but also bonded mothers and daughters.
Mao's Underground City

Mao’s Underground City

Under the streets of Beijing a warren of waterlogged and crumbling tunnels is all that is left of an underground city that was, just 40 years ago, expected to be a temporary home to 300,000 nuclear survivors.
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Steep climb ahead if Moldova tilts to West

Few countries straddle the line between Russia and the European Union’s spheres of influence like Moldova, but that balancing act is fast approaching a crucial junction

Red equals danger in Bucharest, Europe’s earthquake capital

Assessing the problems facing Romania's capital, where hundreds of ornate buildings in the historic centre are in real danger of collapse

Fears that Moldova’s breakaway republic Transdniester could be ‘the next Crimea’

Russian military drills have been reported in Trandsniester, a strip of land sandwiched between Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine economy will sink or swim on Kiev-Moscow ties

Russia's annexation of Crimea could have "profound adverse consequences for trade and investments between Ukraine and Russia.

Europe fears its dependency on Russian natural gas as U.S, EU sanctions near

With the Crimea crisis souring relations between Russia and the European Union, many European nations are increasingly concerned about their heavy reliance on Russia for natural gas.

Mr Selden’s Map of China by Timothy Brook

In 2009, scholars at Oxford University found themselves looking down at an ancient Chinese map that hadn't been seen for almost a century.

In the Baltics, Russia’s takeover of Crimea renews old fears

On the streets of the Lithuanian capital, events unfolding in Ukraine feel both distant and yet far too close for comfort.

A long standoff costly for both Ukraine and Russia

A prolonged standoff between Kiev and Moscow will dramatically raise the cost of rescuing the Ukrainian economy, as well as be a powerful blow to the Russian economy in need of much-needed foreign investment.

Bulgaria struggles to help Syrian refugees who escape war

Thousands of Syrian refugees, fleeing the war back home,

With reforms, Ukraine stays in driver’s seat, not Russia

Ukraine’s protest leaders named candidates for a new government of national unity late on Feb. 26, as Russia conducted military drills on the country’s doorstep.
The Search for Sean Flynn

The Search for Sean Flynn

The four-decade search to learn the fate of Sean Flynn, TIME magazine war correspondent and son of Errol

Romanian healthcare crisis

Romanian health service in crisis as doctors leave for UK and other states. 7,000 doctors have left since 2011, says president of professional body