Kit Gillet is a freelance journalist currently based in Bucharest. His work appears regularly in the international press, for publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Monocle, The Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN.
At the Feet of the Master

At the Feet of the Master

Gheorghe Hagi has established an academy to try to develop a new generation of Romanian talent
Bringing in the scalps: the woman leading Romania's war on corruption

Bringing in the scalps: the woman leading Romania’s war on corruption

Laura Codruţa Kövesi presides over agency that has brought cases against mayors, judges, MPs – and now the prime minister
Up Against the Wall

Up Against the Wall

Palestinians in the West Bank, quickly being sealed off behind a barrier, continue to live their lives in limbo. Kit Gillet looks at the reality on the ground following the collapse of the latest round of peace talks with Israel
The Breeding Ground

The Breeding Ground

During the past 50 years, the Cambodia–Thailand border area has become the birthplace of anti-malarial drug resistance. Kit Gillet reports on efforts being made to prevent the spread of new strains of this deadly disease
Bulgarian students lead wave of protest

Bulgarian students lead wave of protest

Young people occupying institutions all over the country amid growing anger over corruption and unemployment
Painting China's Wall of Shame

Painting China’s Wall of Shame

Chinese artist Zhang Bingjian paints portraits of corrupt Chinese officials and has over 2,000 lying around his Beijing studio
City of Death and Life

City of Death and Life

For 6,000 people in the Philippine capital of Manila, living among the dead is preferable to running the gauntlet of the city’s crime-ridden slums. Kit Gillet reports
In China, foot binding slowly slips into history

In China, foot binding slowly slips into history

In the village of Liuyi, China, there are only about 30 women left who followed a once-common tradition that was painful but also bonded mothers and daughters.
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Saudi banks’ growth hit by liquidity squeeze

Liquidity in the Saudi Arabian banking sector has tightened, but there is no cause for concern just yet, reports Kit Gillet. However, the central bank is introducing measures to ease the pressure and boost lending.

Is the Gulf banking sector set for a wave of consolidation?

The merger between National Bank of Abu Dhabi and FGB could well trigger a series of consolidatory moves across the Gulf 's banking sector. But will this lead to the emergence of a handful of regional powerhouses?
Reclaiming the streets ... for cars? Why Bucharest is reining in outdoor events

Reclaiming the streets … for cars? Why Bucharest is reining in outdoor events

While cities around the world embrace pedestrianisation, Bucharest’s new mayor is blaming traffic on street events such as Via Sport, which closes a central boulevard to cars on weekends. Is the Romanian capital taking a step backwards?

Enthusiastic about the EU, Romanians take Brexit vote hard

For some Romanians, the Brexit referendum was a commentary on how well they and others from former communist Eastern Europe had been accepted into the EU family – and it wasn't positive.
The Ghosts of Bucharest’s Past: a Tour of Ceausescu's Spring Palace

The Ghosts of Bucharest’s Past: a Tour of Ceausescu’s Spring Palace

Newly opened to the public, the Spring Palace in Bucharest was once home to Romania's last communist dictator, and still displays his opulent lifestyle

As NATO expands in East Europe, locals feel protected – and targeted

The East and West are ramping up military capabilities and defenses to their greatest extent since the cold war, and some are now bracing for a backlash.

How rehab is coming to a screen near you

NHS trust trials software developed by a Romanian company to rehabilitate patients using interactive and therapeutic games

Death of an antiseptic salesman

Corruption in Romania: the country's latest scandal features watered-down disinfectant in hospitals

Qatar’s CBG builds banks’ capital defences

Low oil prices could have hit Qatar's economy hard, but early action from the government appears to have shielded it from the worst of the impact. The country's central bank governor, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Saoud Al-Thani talks to Kit Gillet

Changing economics shifts Qatari banking landscape

As the Qatari economy begins to slow on the back of decreasing oil prices, liquidity in the country's banking system is feeling the squeeze. Ratings agencies have responded with downgrades, yet recent results are healthy as banks pursue new sources of growth.

Qatar remains strong in the face of new economic challenges

Qatar is expected to post its first budget deficit in 15 years in 2016, but, far from buckling under the pressure, the country is stepping up to the challenge of diversifying its economy and reining in public spending,

Romania Takes Step Toward Restitution to Holocaust Survivors

Legislation on claims for property lost during and after World War II was seen as a small acknowledgment of the treatment of Jews during the war.