Kit Gillet is a freelance journalist currently based in Bucharest. His work appears regularly in the international press, for publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Monocle, The Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

Book review: The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao

Return of religion to China since the death of Mao documented in new book

Book review: China, US bound by suspicion and hope

John Pomfret’s history of the friends-to-allies-to-enemies-and-back-again relationship between China and America is a masterful account of the ties that have shaped the foremost powers in the world today

Age of Ambition

The complications and contradictions of China in a time of great change

Khunu: Yak wool from Tibet

It’s hard enough starting a new business, but when your suppliers are nomadic herders high up on the Tibetan Plateau the normal challenges of a start-up seem to pale into insignificance.

Great Leap Brewery

June 2013 PDF Great Leap Brewery, Beijing “If you can be humble enough to throw your product away when you know in your heart it’s not good, then you can make good beer out of just about anything,” says Carl Setzer, an American who quit his job in IT security to open the Great Leap brewery...
Painting China's Wall of Shame

Painting China’s Wall of Shame

Chinese artist Zhang Bingjian paints portraits of corrupt Chinese officials and has over 2,000 lying around his Beijing studio

China’s literary ambitions

Q&A with Alice Xin Liu, managing editor of literary magazine 'Pathlights', on the recent emergence of Chinese writers onto the international scene
Dining in North Korean style

Dining in North Korean style

North Korean restaurant in Beijing: Where politics is on the menu
In China, Executives Flock Back to School for Unfinished Business

In China, Executives Flock Back to School for Unfinished Business

March 26, 2013 BEIJING — Wang Jianhua, the president of Shandong Gold Mining, is part of a new generation of middle-age Chinese executives going back to school. Once a month, he travels four hours by train from Shandong Province to Beijing to attend executive M.B.A. classes. “After the Cultural Revolution, a lot of people felt...
A Tale of Two Shangri-Las

A Tale of Two Shangri-Las

Zhongdian may be China’s official Shangri-La, but seekers of a mythical Himalayan paradise are more likely to find inspiration amid the sacred peaks of Yading

The Last Quarter of the Moon

Book review: The Last Quarter of the Moon by Chi Zijian
Eastern Promise in Little Africa

Eastern Promise in Little Africa

Guangzhou's Little Africa: Chasing their slice of China's raging appetite, tens of thousands of African traders are settling uneasily in the ghettos of Guangzhou.